Thursday, 25 November 2010

Onedotzero Cascade 2010 : Adventures in Motion festival at the BFI

     I was dead pleased to be part of this years Onedotzero_cascade group. I was picked from this years top creative graduates to get together and collaborate.Forty of us from a range of design backgrounds spent a week together at the Doodle Bar in Battersea.

    Onedotzero is an award winning London-based moving image and digital arts organisation which commissions, showcases and promotes innovation across all aspects of moving image, digital and interactive arts.They hold lots of exciting motion picture festivals all over the world.We were to feature in their Adventures in Motion Festival at the BFI Southbank from the 10th- 14th November.
    Now in it's third year, onedotzero_cascade is a platform for creative collaboration and innovation across diverse disciplines to foster personal and professional development. It was designed to challenge existing educational processes and formats, while advancing new ways of working, by utilising new technologies and taking an open approach.

     We were set the theme of 'Utopia' and spent the week brainstorming in our groups of 10.We were lucky enough to have several inspiring workshops and talks from various design groups,one from Onedotzero chairman Shayne Walter,where we got to see the world premiere of the new Massive Attack video!
     We also had a really inspiring talk from Kin Design,who showed us the power and importance of collaborating with other designers; having a pool of skills to dip into.They work with some really exciting clients and are really innovative in their approach. We also recieved feedback and tips from designers john nussey,squint opera, all of us and joel gethin lewis.

During our week of working on our own ideas we also had some actors come in and give us tips on how to present ourselves confidently,in preparation for our final presentation at the BFI Southbank,

    What followed was a challenging,eye opening and fantastic experience.I worked in completely new ways,and learnt the importance and strength of working with other people instead of alone! Apart from anything it's just fun to be around other creatives, but also it showed me that if you're working with a bunch of multi talented people,you can achieve near enough anything. You can play to people's different strengths,and trust others to handle aspects of the project that you could never do alone - very liberating and exciting!

    Our particular response to the brief was based around the idea of collaboration: creating a new place for people to meet and play with the idea of the future.The project developed lots,but we ended up with the idea of the 'Anti Doom Dome' - an interactive dome which is powered by the selfless act of cycling together. The inside of the dome would be an interactive light installation: every time someone in the world tweeted mentioning the word 'tomorrow' our system would represent as a dot of would result in an everchanging, real time,  beautiful experience of the world's discussions of the future.

     On the night of our presentation at the BFI we approached it with a real experimental crazy scientist vibe!  We managed to wire up an actual bike to our computer system,and we asked a volunteer to cycle to power up our slide show,animation and light up model of the dome.

          The presentation night was really fun,as we got the chance to finally see the other cascade group's ideas,all of which were really diverse and innovative.We also had a panel debate with Onedotzero members and derek yates discussing our ideas and feelings about the experience of Cascade itself. The whole evening and experience leading up to it was an extremely inspiring and positive one.We ended it by all enjoying a beer together and sampling the other fantastic installations in the festival around the BFI (I particularly loved the audiovisual volcano mapping project by )

      I really recommend you check out the Adventures In Motion Festival next year, and get involved with Cascade if you're a recent graduate!

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